Commercial Interior Design


Stage 7 Design was founded on a customer first design approach, as we build around our customers’ needs. We provide space-planning, wall treatments, artwork, furnishings, and accessories for your space. Our in-house artists and craftsmen can help with all aspects of the process, from initial visualization renderings to custom wall treatments and artwork. We also collaborate with local artisans and have ties with furniture manufacturers that can help keep your project on budget. We strive to do it better, on time, within budget, and with impeccable installation.

We study the needs of individuals and groups and work with them to create environments that expand a company’s identity and vision. We find solutions that help people have an enjoyable and productive day at work. We believe that ambience has a substantial impact on productivity and overall well-being at the workplace, and we are here to help you re-discover the potential of your workspace.

We know how challenging it is to keep up with the ever-changing needs of individuals and organizations. The work premises are an essential strategic asset of a business and it is necessary to design commercial premises with a balance between style and functionality. With almost a decade of industry experience, we have set excellent standards for offices and commercial interiors in Utah.

With the help of the latest technology, our artisans have various solutions to create what is the need of your business in this era. Our craftsmen have extensive knowledge and perception of your work environment and how to improve it. Our clients have direct access to our valuable resources through our Steelcase Network. Let us use our strategic planning to align your business with your workplace.

So why waste time, get in touch with Stage 7 now for creating functional and stylish commercial interiors. You can call us at 801-763-7370.