Stage 7 Design is a home design group specializing in home staging services as well as commercial and residential interior design. Our home staging and design services include:

Consultation with you or your client. We itemize strategies to help your home appeal to a wide range of buyer.

Partial or Full unoccupied Home Staging – with furniture and accessories you can rent to update and populate your home and wow the buyer.

Occupied Home Staging – You can hire us at an hourly rate to Stage your home while you live there and purchase additional items you may need to increase the visual appeal of your home.

Interior decorating, redesign and furniture sales. We help you create your dream on your budget.

Commercial Interior Design – Stage 7 Design is the place to begin for your commercial interior design needs. If you are moving, resizing, looking for a change or starting new, Stage 7 Design can offer you a fresh and creative start. We take a novel approach to help you create a space which is both asthetically pleasing and promotes efficient productivity in a comfortable workplace environment meeting your budget. From the first ideas and concepts to the the finishing details we collaborate with you to turn dreams for your business into reality.

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